Monday, November 8, 2010


Starting on monday 15.11.10 I'll show one of my paintings in a local art exhibition. I've done my toony part since many collegues did realistic or anime style.

The exhibition is called MangaLisa and is aimed at reinterpreting classical works of art. It's located at the Japanese Culture Center, Schottenring 8, 1010 Vienna next to the Japanese Embassy.

15.11. 17:30 Opening
16.11. 17:00 Everydays Fashion Show
17.11. 15:00 Board Games
18.11. 14:00 Drawing Workshop

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Recently I've began working on a little animation. I hope this character will soon be used.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ACEO Madness

KIKI Karpour Tree of Life
  Bother Wulf
     ugly bird anteater thing

long time no post, well I've been busy A LOT
in my spare breaks I sketched a bit and developed the nasty habit of drawing ACEO cards.

In other news, Eddie McBadger did his premiere at EF16 and just last sunday made his first run in Austria at Comicbörse ( 's report).

Eddie Costume

Friday, February 5, 2010

First post

Just starting this Blog now. I plan to post my sketches and "in the works" stuff here. Also if I have something recently finished, I'll be glad to share.

A present for 2 friends of their OCs.

A commission I did recently. No biggie, but I like how it came together.

some scribbles. I do these everyday.